On January 30, 2013, a massive winter storm hit Iowa and continued on to ravage the Mid-West U.S. This storm came to be known as “Rocky”. The other areas that were affected by “Rocky are Kansas, southeast Nebraska, northern Missouri, southeast Minnesota, Winsconsin and northern Michigan.

                Sub-zero temperatures, heavy snowfall, and winds over 30 mph resulted in school closings and traffic accidents throughout all of these areas. Here is a list of the hardest hit cities:

  • Watson, Iowa – 9”
  • Nebraska City, Nebraska – 6”
  • Reedsburg, Winsconsin – 10”
  • Concordia, Kansas – 5.2”
  • Snyder Lake, Michigan – 4”
  • Reno, Minnesota – 5.5”
  • Mound, Illinois – 6.5”


                Amidst all of the damage reulting from this storm, 6 deaths were confirmed. This is a suprisingly low count considering the power of this storm.



The Weather Channel

USA Today




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